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Support for startups

When running a startup, it seems as though you have to make a multitude of decisions all at once. The process starts with an idea, one in which you know will be a success and for which there is demand in the market. But which market? Who is your customer? Where is your market exactly? How do I reach my potential customers most effectively? Where can I turn for help?

BTC-Twente can be your experienced partner in this process. We are familiar with your questions. Even your doubts and challenges. Our experts are available to think with you on meeting these challenges, resolving your doubts. So that you know exactly what you need, who you need, and when you need it. We will work with you to bring you into contact with the relevant networks. You build your business, we’ll take care of the details.


How do you find a business network? An entrepreneur is always looking to sell. Which means you’re looking for a network that can mean something for you and your product. A network that can deliver value. In the form of projects and people who can open doors for you. Preferably people who are familiar with your product, service and know and value your market and product. Who can bring you in contact with relevant third parties and willingly share their knowledge, experiences and insights with you.

BTC-Twente can offer you just such a network. In the more than 30 years since our founding we have had the time to develop such a network. Throughout Twente, the whole of the Netherlands, and even beyond. Some examples are the Entrepreneur’s Network Kennispark, the Industriële Kring Twente (IKT), de Technologie Kring Twente (TKT) en KIVI. Through our own relationships we come into contact with many more. This means that the close cooperative relationship we’ve built with Novel-T is of unmeasurable value. We stimulate and inspire new and growing networks. This is part of our role as business incubator. All locations are bubbling with entrepreneurship. As a tenant you come into constant contact with other entrepreneurs. Networking drinks and other events involve all of you. You profit from the existing networks and make new ones, just as you do with opportunities.

Are you interested in learning more about our powerful networks? Drop by to find out more during one of our networking events or contact us directly.


Who are your customers? How will you reach them? A business consultant helps you get the answers to these questions and more. He or she gives advice based on their many years of experience regarding the markets that are relevant to you. This advice allows you to position your product or service much more effectively. Together you look at the opportunities balanced with the risks. Through your consultant you find your strengths and find the best way to present these to the potential customer.

You are looking together with your consultant on future opportunities. The focus is on finding the best opportunities for your company and its product or service. You go deeply into the market to find the real demand, look at what your competition is offering, and finding ways to build on your strengths in order to differentiate yourself in the market. This brings you into the best position to sharpen your marketing strategy. BTC-Twente has a network of extremely experienced business consultants. They’ve earned their stripes. Because they’ve taken an interest in you and your business, they’re ready to think together with you on how to succeed. You are the ultimate determiner of your course; your consultant helps you make it happen. In The Gallery there are a total of eight entrepreneur’s help desks to help you with every aspect of doing business: from communication consulting to booking your business trip for you. They are ready to help you whenever you need it.

Are you looking for a business consultant who can really make a difference? Let us know and we’ll help you choose from our solid network of contacts.


How are you preparing yourself for leading your business to success? It’s not just about developing your product or service and markets, it’s also about developing yourself.

How your personal skills and characteristics support your product and markets is important for success. But they can also hinder. How do you tell if your own character supports or hinders your company’s success? Having someone who holds a mirror up to you is very important, as it allows you to see how others see you. A good coach gives you the possibility to objectively examine your own personal strengths and weaknesses through the eyes of another. The right business coach can help you amplify your strengths, develop your weaker aspects, and leverage the full force of your personality to make your business a true success.

Who is a good coach? Think of someone with deep knowledge and experience who has been where you are right now. Someone with the perspective of years who can help guide you in the right direction. Someone whose only goal in your interaction is to help you succeed. How? By asking the right questions. By holding up that mirror. By being a consultant, business analyst and counselor all in one. By being personally vested in your success – both in business and in life. How do you find the right business coach? BTC-Twente has decades of experience in matching entrepreneurs to the right coach. People who have knowledge, techniques and insight in how to help you become successful. Our passion isn’t only about providing you with the right building, location and services. It’s also about helping you, personally, become a success. Your success is our success.

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Where to find investors? And how do you find them? An innovative region such as Twente offers many possibilities for financing. Business angels, venture capital – there are a number investors who are looking for a promising product or service and are prepared to invest a stake in your venture. There is the well-known TOP program as well as various investment funds and participation agencies. A promising product or service will attract many possibilities.

Yet – how to come in contact? Sometimes all it takes is an email or a telephone call. Having someone pave the way for you helps tremendously. So that you know exactly where the right door is just waiting for you to knock. BTC-Twente has an enormous network and knows how to connect you to it, regardless of which sector you’re in.

Looking for investors? Let us help you find them by contacting us here.