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Meeting rooms

Personal contact with your clients, or clients-to-be, is essential for success. The surroundings in which your contact takes place is also important. Your company’s image has much to do with the location and surroundings you choose to profile yourself in. Looking to make a good impression on your potential client? Make sure you choose the right location.

The Gallery provide perfect locations for any type of get-together. From private one-on-ones, to workshops to large events including catering - everything is possible. Our other locations (Capitool 50, HTF and TPoint) are accessible only for tenants, but they also have The Gallery at their disposal for meeting with external parties.

The Gallery

The Gallery has 4 conference rooms available. The largest of those, Erlenmeyer, can accommodate groups of up to 150 people. All users of these rooms have access to flipovers, beamer, screen and internet. The Erlenmeyer and Grand Café also have access to a headset or handheld microphone. Two of the conference rooms (named “Vijzel” and “Membraan”) have 5 hours of use included for tenants of BTC-Twente. In addition, The Gallery contains a beautiful restaurant and Grand Café that can also be used for events or meetings.


Are you curious about the possibilities of our meeting rooms? In our 'vergaderfaciliteiten folder' you can find more information about. More information about prices you can find here. Of course you can contact us for more information or to make a reservation.