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Services (optional)

Our service package frees you from worrying about many administrative or otherwise troublesome matters that detract from focusing on your core business. The service package is flexible - you take what suits you best:

  • Telephone answering
  • Secretarial services (for a few hours per week or for a longer period of time)
  • Financial administration (one-time or periodic)
  • Mail and stamp service
  • Copy/print/scan
  • Curstodial services (light maintenance work)

Telephone answering

If you are not available, your telephone is answered by our telephone answering service using the name of your company. The details of the call are noted (such as name, message and return call number) and forwarded to you in an email. Messages may also be forwarded to you by text message.

BTC-Twente uses hosted telephony per cloud, in association with 24Connect. 24Connect offers Managed Voice solutions for every company or organisation.

Secretarial services

For your correspondence, text editing, mailing and various secretarial tasks, we offer you professional services. This spares you the high costs of maintaining your own or temporary secretarial services.

Financial administration

We can also handle your financial administration. From ledger and salary administration, to tax and quarterly reporting, we can be your financial expert. Concept annual reports are also possible.

Mail and stamp service

BTC-Twente cares for all postal services for all its buildings, including pickup and delivery services. The only request we have of you is to make sure you use the designated post box number on your correspondence. These services are included in the rental fee. For an additional fee we can also provide postage for your mail, as well as provide for registered mail.


Both The Gallery and Capitool 50 have multifunctional copiers available with many possibilties. In addition to the standard high-grade copy machine functions (such as sorting and stapling), A3 and address label printing are possible. Scanning to email and to USB drive are also possible. When you have a internet subscription from Root, it's also possible to send direct print commends from your workplace directly to the printer.